More optimistic than not…

After writing that last post below, I realized more had happened – mainly good – in the month just passed, helping to off-set what was otherwise a series of downers during the month of June: I became a member of the Board of Directors of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta; Blaine Greenwood interviewed me for his radio show, and that will air soon; I’m going to be working with the Fernie Writers’ Conference, both as a volunteer and also delivering a talk about promotion on the final day – and I’m enrolled in Aritha van Herk’s class at the conference!; I finished editing and rewriting a novella and mailed off the MS by the contest deadline, in fact, a day early; I entered another short story contest; Rachel completed the edit of my novel and I’ll be sinking my teeth into that again very soon; I lost a contract to do some work before I could even get started on it, but I did make contact concerning other possibilities on different fronts, so am very chuffed; several other personal successes on the business side of things that I can’t mention here, but as bjH will likely be first to tell you, I’m always coming up with new ideas to promote authors and their books; I think I may have lost weight – just a bit, but I know it’s not only as a result of my arm withering under the cast; my friend came back. And, most important of all, my sense of humour is still very much intact.

Then, with two loud crashes, one of the free IKEA bookshelves in my living room, the one next to the desk, collapsed last night. All books, papers, magazines for business and writing were shelved there, so nothing signed and precious damaged, but a mess none-the-less, and difficult to set right again, even if I had the use of two hands. Oh, Rachel! Thank goodness you’re living in my building…


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  1. bettyjanehegerat

    I love it! That bookcase crashing was the Goddess of Grumpiness saying, “Well we’ll just see about all this optimism!”
    Yes, lots of good stuff to focus on, Susan.

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