Back on track…

There’s nothing like having a new, clean, white cast on my broken wrist to set me off in a positive direction in life.

Yes, I know – I always manage to put a positive spin on everything – why would I not want to? Thinking the other way just gets me down along with everyone else around me, so as Bobby McFarrin sang, Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Besides, those who know me know that I’m a Can-Do person. I lived on Bequia far too many years surrounded by a general malaise of Can’t-Do from everyone there. What a relief to come back to good, old Alberta and its refreshing (to me) entrepreneurial spirit – an attitude I was met with when I first moved to the province in 1978 and have appreciated and embraced ever since. It’s just more positive reinforcement for someone whose coffee cup is not only generally half-full, but often overflowing.

So, suddenly, I have broken my wrist, but new windows and doors are flinging open for me at a speedy pace, and not only because the weather is beginning to warm up in Calgary. I’m developing my business, Alberta Books Canada, am making plans already for well into 2012 to work on various projects with libraries and conferences, I’m working with writers and authors directly (check out the blogroll to the right…), helping them with the development of their own careers, the ideas are flowing (and that’s saying something! It’s like someone suddenly turned on a tap to full!), and I really want to have-at my own writing again. I’m working with a business coach who is helping me understand not only what my priorities are in life, but more importantly how to organize my time so I may not simply get through all I must do, but also enjoy it as I work and play. Sorting out my wants from my needs (something I learned to do on Bequia, but had forgotten once I returned to the Land of Plenty), and flicking off all the negative people as though they’re pesky mosquitoes, those nay-sayers who consider my positive attitude just that of a silly Pollyanna. Sorry, folks! This isn’t an act.

So where others see the new white cast on my forearm and say, “Poor Susan,” I see an opportunity. This weekend, the Writers” Guild of Alberta Conference is being held in Calgary, and I went out yesterday to buy a signing pen! I plan to get as many signatures on this thing as will fit. With authors like Robert Kroetsch, Aritha van Herk, Rudy Wiebe, Fred Stenson, Myrna Kostash, Alice Major – and all the fine authors I know in Calgary – I now have the perfect excuse to fill in this clean white space. Besides, these people are all writers, and what I do know is that we writers really do love to fill in blank spaces with our words.

So off I go, only walking down the bright side of the road, from here on! Thanks, Van!


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  1. Wonderful post, Sue! Very inspiring 🙂

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