Becoming self-sufficient…

Haven’t had much of an appetite since coming back from the hospital last week (for many reasons), but then I also haven’t been able to cook for myself and, other than the two dinners that were cooked for me, and the two meals bjH left when she dropped me off last Tues. afternoon (plastic lids are tricky, folks), I’ve been grazing and drinking a lot of coffee. Bonus! I’ve already lost 10 pounds! Perhaps not the best way to diet, but then I’ve also been doing a lot of walking because I can’t drive right now either.

So tonight when I opened the fridge, yet again, to consider my options, I remembered there was a tin of tuna in the cupboard. Voila! Two tuna sandwiches on rye with a hacked up avocado on the side!

Not pretty, and a mess to eat with one hand, but little cutting involved (the can opener did prove to be a bit challenging…) and the sandwiches were tasty. And I also proved that I could do it – I managed to prepare a healthy dinner for myself without having to resort to walking to 4th St. for a coffee and Nanaimo Bar, which come to think of it I already enjoyed this afternoon at one of the Perk’s streetside tables.

So now I can make the claim of being able to cook with one hand tied behind my back. Take that, Martha!

Now to tackle the dishes… this is when I could really use a friend!

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