Of alarm clocks and the end of the world…

A couple of posts back, I wrote about my new Business Coach, about wanting to organize my time and life, and how I planned to go out to buy an alarm clock that would add an extra hour to every day. Well, the clock I bought (very cheap, by the way) quit working an hour after I had set it and fallen asleep. I awoke in the middle of the night, checked the time, and it was only five minutes to twelve. Wait a minute! I was sure I’d been asleep much longer than that. So I cross-referenced the time on my cell phone and, sure enough, it was actually 3:30 a.m. I turned off the alarm and fell back to sleep, waking at my usual six o’clock. The Canada goose that lives on the lawn next to my building seems to be in exact sync with me as he generally begins honking at six, once the morning rush hour begins, in an attempt to defend his mate’s nest from the intrusion of all those nasty vehicles.

I reset the new clock once I was up, checked it an hour later and, Drat! It had quit working again. So I took it back to the store later in the day and got a refund. (Conveniently, it was enough cash to buy a cider at Schooner’s this afternoon when I go there to hear Tom Phillips and his Men of Constant Sorrow.) But what was this telling me? That the alarm clock I’d purchased, hoping it would signal a new, more organized me (or that it would at least help me add more time to my days) was actually making time stand still? Okay, maybe it was just that I got a bum clock, is all it really meant…

But that had happened before. I’d bought a travel alarm, digital, when I first moved back to Canada, got it on sale at a Radio Shack store that promptly closed down about a week later (which was probably why the clock was so cheap in the first place) and I had never been able to get it to work properly, nor could I return it for a refund. I’d packed it back into the little box and the box into a bag full of other electronic and battery-operated bits and pieces that I’ve lugged around with me since then in various moves over the past few years, figuring that – eventually – the battery would run down. When I was looking for AA batteries for this new alarm clock I bought on Thursday, I hauled the plastic bag out of the closet and discovered this little travel alarm that had been seemingly stuck on the same time, yet was still digitally flashing at me. Last night, once again alarm-clock-less after returning the new one, a beeping sound awoke me at midnight. It took a few moments to realize it was the original travel alarm that had not gone back into the closet. The beeping stopped after a minute and I went back to sleep.

So this morning, after I’d done my usual routine of first pouring a cup of hot coffee down my throat while catching up on overnight e-mail and Facebook postings, I rifled through the plastic bag and pulled out the tiny box. The digits were flashing 12:00 at me. So the battery is still working, after three years of flashing 12:00 and, presumably beeping the alarm every night at midnight. I had a closer look at the clock. It was still showing the correct time. I reset the alarm and, miracle of miracles!, an hour later and the clock is still showing the correct time, and is now flashing its little heart out on the nightstand next to my bed. I have it set for what my friend Darcie would consider an ungodly hour of 4:55 a.m., and plan to give it a whirl tomorrow morning. If this works, I’ll be dressed and out the door by 5 to begin walking for an hour. Just like I did when I lived in Toronto, unfortunately though without the Beach-boardwalk as my walking platform, but an almost-as-good riverside pathway to stroll instead.

And the bonus of this little travel alarm? It doesn’t tick out the seconds, anxious and loud, as the other analog clock did that I had to return to the store. Maybe there was a reason for that clock stopping. I didn’t need the audible reminder that time was passing me by.

So I’m now wondering if there’s any point in pulling out the digial, cheap-ish, camera that quit working after a year. Come to think of it, that probably quit at about the same time the guarantee ran out. I’m in money-saving-mode at the moment. Perhaps there’s a chance this camera, too, can be fixed so I won’t need to buy a new one… But then, come to think of it, if the Rapture does happen today, as predicted, there won’t be much use for either digital cameras, or alarm clocks, will there?


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  1. Ha! Which of us can’t relate to electronics that totally fall apart the second you get them home and out of the box. I can be reasonably frugal about certain things in life, but one category of expenditures that I’ve learned the hard way to not cheap out on is electronics, one truly seems to get what one has paid for in this rare instance. I remember this piece of garbage portable cd player that I was given, it went through batteries so fast I couldn’t even believe it (lasted less than one hour), and it skipped so badly it was virtually useless. Needless to say it was promptly exchanged, and an additional $75 or so was spent and I got myself a good solid Panasonic portable discman that I loved until the day MP3 players entered my world!

    Enjoy your walk tomorrow morning, I love being out early with the birds chirping and hardly anyone else up, it’s one of my favourite times of the day.

    1. And I still haven’t managed to get it to work! Although this morning I did have the excuse that it was raining when I thought to go out walking. I was very productive on Sunday, though, in spite of not having had that extra hour to play with.

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