Go Fly a Kite!

Well, I didn’t fly my own kite (and we wished we’d thought to make one to take and fly), but I did accompany Mr. & Mrs. GM to the Bequia Kite-Flying Competition yesterday, sponsored by Karib Cable. We had a lot of fun, the GMs and me, but I now look like a boiled lobster today after forgetting about the effects of hot sun on skin when it hasn’t been exposed for a while. I never needed sunblock when I lived here, so didn’t think to take any with me yesterday.

I’ll set the stage – we drove out to one of the very ends of the island to a rock-more-than-grass knoll near Park, where there was good stiff breeze. Several groups were already assembled by 11:30. Two guys fiddled with semi-gigantic speakers, and unfortunately did get the generator running so that we had never-ending music for the rest of the day. (Which all sounds like the same song to me. Definitely no Jackson Browne or Van Morrison. Lyrics are simple, and repeated like they’re being drilled into your skull until they almost begin to make sense. One went something like, “Come into my pie store, come into my pie store/ How many inches of my pie you want, how many inches of my pie?” Ummm, not too difficult too decipher the meaning of that…) Tommy helped set up a tent, a canopy, which I thought would allow me some shelter from the sun, but it was meant for the crew, and the tables displaying prizes. And those semi-gigantic speakers.

Pammy had brought a cooler of beer, so we tucked into that. Later we checked out the two tables where enterprising Mt. Pleasant women had set up local food for sale, and we decided on Chicken Pellau (the other choice being Chicken and Bakes – fried dough balls, yum!) and coleslaw to go along with the local beer, Hairoun. (high-roon) I ate mine slathered with extra hot pepper sauce.

This event was very well attended, mostly locals, and I was the only white woman stupid enough to get burned like bacon. Besides, toilets had been provided for the men – bushes and trees, but not enough to allow privacy for women who’d consumed too much beer. So I left early, before the prizes were handed out. One prize, I noticed, was marked “For Smallest Kite,” and I think I saw the would-be winner as I was leaving – a 3X3″ black paper kite with a two-foot tail of black bows being coaxed into the air by a father, a 3-or-4-month-old boy cradled in the crook of his other arm. The prize was a computer cable, though, so I think it likely Dad would be keeping that one. Some kites were large and imaginative, and the competition was cutthroat. In typical Bequia fashion, those special kites were kept hidden from view until the competition officially began then were whipped out with pride. Very serious stuff, this kite-flying…

Thanks to Pammy GM for the pictures!


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