I’m Working!

Yes, it’s true, and it may be hard to believe that anyone could edit a novel with such a great view just beyond their computer screen, but then I’m also the one who is able to write in a crowded coffee shop, and who invented a writing contest based on that principle. Plus the novel is set on Bequia, so the view is adding further inspiration to this edit.

And in this picture I’m listening to… Okay, I admit it – ABBA. But, really, only because it was the first album listed on the computer’s music player, and I was feeling to be in a bit of a Dancing-Queen-only-seventeen kind of mood this morning. Forgive me. I promise to switch over to Van or Eric or Jackson later.

In the meantime, I’m waiting my turn on the desktop with its access to the internet. No wifi in the house any longer. Grrr! Although not being able to check Facebook and email as often as I normally would, and generally do, allows me more time to get some real work done on my laptop. And to write this new post to my blog. So, a blessing in disguise, I suppose, although I do feel disconnected from the real world.

On the agenda for the rest of the day: bake more bread (probably Italian Country this time, or maybe Panini buns), finish editing Chapter One, read (have cracked open Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, and it’s brilliant!), figure out what to cook for dinner, swim, nap, and gaze at the view some more.

Avanti! But not too fast…


One response

  1. Inspiring
    to be inspired
    by sun and sand and
    surf…but no butter for baking?
    that is surely a story in the making!

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