Interview on Book Club Buddy!

Pearl Luke, the Grand Poo-bah of the Book Club Buddy Empire (okay, perhaps I exaggerate, but she is pretty wonderful!) has posted an interview she conducted with me by email. She had originally asked me to be interviewed so that she could discover what it is exactly that I’m doing with Alberta Books Canada, and how I’m promoting the authors who have signed on with me. What I appreciated about being asked these questions and having to answer them, somewhat coherently, is that it became an exercise in straightening out in my own mind exactly what it is that I do, and what direction I want to take this business. So, thanks, Pearl! This opportunity to let everyone know about Alberta Books Canada is much appreciated!

Read the interview here.

And while you’re in the site, have a look around, check out all of the books and authors that Pearl is promoting through Book Club Buddy. Watch a few book videos. If you belong to a book club, register your club – go ahead! Do it right now! You might win free books!

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