Baking in Bequia 7

Oatmeal Cookies, an old-old standby, and necessary when invited over for coffee and you immediately say, “I’ll bring something!” I normally don’t like baking cookies, but only because I can’t bake them all in one swell foop. It usually takes repeated dropping/flattening/baking, if you don’t have a big enough pan for 3-4 dozen cookies to allow them to spread out and bake properly. We do have a rather large cookie sheet, but I still couldn’t bake more than 2 dozen at one time. I use the reliable Oatmeal Cookie recipe from Harrowsmith Cookbook Vol.1.

I was living in Kingston, ON, the summer Harrowsmith launched the first issue of its magazine, and we collected them for years, believing that we one day, too, would become back-to-the-landers. The magazine always printed readers’ recipes – most of them providing good solid farm food, or family recipes. Nothing fancy, although every once in a while there’d be something special included, for holidays and such. I remember Dennis glomming on to one for Asparagus, Ham and White Cheddar Pizza that quickly became a favourite in our house. When Harrowsmith published, in book form, the first volume in a collection of magazine-published recipes, I was thrilled. My old three volumes are well-worn now, and I recently replaced them with a three-in-one-volume hardcover edition that I keep in Calgary. We’ve discovered many recipes in these books over the years that have become standards for us, yet we still manage to find more to try every time we open a copy. Great books! I can honestly say that f I were only allowed to keep one cookbook out of all I own, it would have to be Harrowsmith, although there would be difficulty in choosing between the three volumes.

So here are the cookies:

Hey! Wait a minute! I could have sworn I baked an even 4 dozen – Dennis???


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  1. Drat. Now I need to bake cookies. And don’t tell me to freeze most so I don’t eat them all. I like frozen cookies just fine 😉

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