Bagel/sourdough update

Success on both fronts! The bagels had the exact same soft and chewy texture that they’ve had in the past with the addition of gluten powder. Excellent flavour, Dennis says!

And this is the second attempt at baking a San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread – much better-looking than the first batch I produced earlier in the week:

After slicing and sampling, we all agreed that 5 days of sitting on the counter in 85F+ temps was exactly what the starter needed to give the bread a good sour taste. That sourness was almost like an after effect, and we didn’t notice it when biting and first chewing, but it definitely followed through upon more chewing, and was pretty much the taste that Pammy Cantina had been looking for in a sourdough bread. She’s given this batch her thumb’s-up!

Pammy also managed to find a bag of rye flour over in St. Vincent, so I’ll mix together another starter today and give that a try.

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