Pizza Oven 2nd-day-residuals

Today we took advantage of a cooling pizza oven (down to 250F) and threw together our own version of a Cassoulet. Fortunately we had everything we needed, including pancetta, duck breast and sausage, plus three cans of different kinds of beans for variety. I fried everything up in olive oil along with onions and garlic, a few other ingredients, and added tomatoes and chicken stock. We poured everything into a casserole dish and pushed that to the back of the pizza oven to cook all afternoon.

And, voilĂ !

Here it is coming out of the oven, then we topped it with bread, butter and garlic to make a crust:

Very yummy!

An update on the sourdough bread experiment… The results still weren’t sour enough for P&T, so it’s back to the drawing board, and five days for the starter to intensify this time before trying again on Sunday. In the meantime, Pammy says she bought a bag of rye flour for me to use. Haven’t a clue where she found that, but I’m game to continue with the experiment.

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