Pizza Night!

We’re holding Rodger’s birthday celebration tonight, even though the actual date was last Tues. This was the first time we could get everyone together. So, since pizza is Dennis’ domain, I don’t have to do a thing tonight! Except make the appetizer (Knorr spinach dip) and the bread to dip in it (sourdough), a Greek salad, and a Pecan Pie for dessert. Say, wait a minute! That’s most of dinner. What’s wrong with this picture?

Anyway, the dip, bread and pie are made. Just have to throw together the salad. Time for a swim before everyone arrives!

Here’s the pie – picture perfect!

I’ve always used the recipe out of the Lazy Gourmet Cookbook. Works every time.

No bread baking today. I’m resting up to use the pizza oven tomorrow morning. Then I’ll make baguettes and Italian Country Bread and will move on to bagels on Friday. I love the results of wood-fired baking! Delisioso!


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  1. I used to spend a lot of time around a pastry chef who made a LOT of pecan pies. I’m still looking at a few of those pounds.

  2. That pie is gorgeous, sell the pic to a cookbook publisher!

    Today I stirred — or rather I squeezed, kneaded, and pressed, some starter together with your 2 flour-by-weight to 1 water formula. I had to add a wee bit more water to keep it from cracking. Stiff indeed! It’s now sitting out on the sun porch in the humid heat to capture stray yeast and hopefully start doing something.

    Happy birthday party tomorrow. Many happy returns to Rodger.

    1. Let us know your results.

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