Baking in Bequia 4

Feels like it’s a good day to bake Cinnamon Rolls. I developed a recipe for adult CR-lovers, one that is more bun than sugar, that doesn’t call for icing on top at all. In fact, children have complained that these are not anything like the mall-store variety, with their accompanying cloying sickly-sweet smell that assults your nose as you walk through the door, which is exactly what I was aiming to not create when I combined two recipes and developed my method over the years. What most fans of these particular rolls appreciate is the fluffiness of the bread itself, and the height the buns spring to as they bake, sometimes up to 5″ tall. These are BIG buns!

This is what’s known, in our house, as a rising-dough-alert. In the case of today’s baking, it’s a good thing! Look at all those air bubbles…

Whenever Frank D. came to Bequia, he always asked me to make this particular recipe. And if he could fend off his grandkids (adults actually) long enough then he’d be able to enjoy eating a few himself. He’s diabetic, and could never eat regular cinnamon rolls at all, but discovered that mine have just the right amount of sweetness he was able to tolerate.

There’s a secret I discovered to baking extra-fluffy buns and breads – add boiled potatoes and their water to the dough. Really, it makes all the difference. I’ve experimented with other recipes since putting together this particular one, but have never been satisfied, as I’ve found them usually to be too heavy, resulting in an overall flatness to the buns. So I always return to baking this favourite. Besides, who could resist receiving a compliment of, “Sue, yours are the best buns!” every time?

One of the hazards of baking in the tropics – mosquitoes are more likely to buzz around when your hands are covered in flour…

Here’s the dough, all rolled out and sugared, ready to be jelly-rolled and cut into buns.

And the music I’ve chosen to bake by today is the Sunday Breakfast classical program on CKUA Radio, a little reminder of Alberta while I’m in the tropics, heard over the internet. Classical seems fitting for Cinnamon Rolls.

So, Frank, these are for you, since you always appreciated my buns.

This batch is particularly good – look at that height!

Not quite 5″, but still pretty impressive.

And these have received the Dennis-seal-of-approval, too. Always a good thing to keep the resident property manager happy.

We’ve both agreed – the fluffiest ever!

**Movie recommendation: Last night, Dennis and I watched the movie Big Night – two Italian brothers try to make a go of running a restaurant in the US during the 1950s. The one brother is a fabulous chef, and the main dish he prepares for the “big night” is Il Timpano – his signature. To save you running to the internet and looking for a recipe after you watch the movie – because, if you’re anything like us, that’s exactly what you will do – here’s a link to a good facsimile.


5 responses

  1. FABULOUS! I swear I can smell that picture. Have you tried using all or part whole wheat pastry flour for them? I know — hard to get on Bequia.

  2. Okay, I want that cinnamon bun recipe. 🙂 I’d forgotten the potato component in bread-making. My mom used to save the water from boiled potatoes for her doughnuts. She made the best doughnuts … And long ago, there was a donut place in Lethbridge called Spudnuts.
    Did you listen to CKUA right up to Bookmark? It’s a summer of reruns … I would have been there in the kitchen with you!

    1. I’ve made donuts, too. Thanks for reminding me.

      We’re two hours ahead of you, so I missed Bookmark yesterday, and you, unfortunately. That was such a good interview that I think I will listen to the archived edition.

  3. Every day is a good day to bake cinnamon rolls!

    1. And today was an especially good day!

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