My day with writing pals…

I was the self-designated photog of that auspicious day when Dacie and Vicky and other writing pals and I all met, so here is the photo essay of My Day With Writing Pals – a day filled with much coffee, chocolate and laughter.

Darcie & Daphne

First I drove to the Starbucks at Crossiron Mills to pick up Darcie, who I had never met before in person. Then we met with Darcie’s sister so that the two could say goodbye.

Darcie & Vicky

From there, Darcie and I drove to the airport to pick up Vicky. Darcie was Vicky’s big surprise. Her flight was early giving us time to kill before our lunch date, so I took them to Inglewood

for coffee at Caffe Rosso…

where we had perfect lattes.

I didn’t tell my friends where I was taking them next, so they were totally bowled over by Choklat on 9th Ave. S.E., and we all got right into it, ordering and eating the very special chocolate prepared and sold in this shop.

one even draping herself across a stack of sacks filled with cocoa beans

All of this frivolity made us a bit late for our lunch date at the original Good Earth Cafe on 11th St. S.W.

where we met Betty Jane, Judy, and Athene.

Betty Jane, Darcie, Judy, Athene, Vicky

After lunch, the plan was to drive Vicky up to Banff where she was going to be doing a writing retreat for two weeks. We still had time, though, so I took them to Pages on Kensington for a quick visit. Then we hit the road, with a stop along the way in Canmore at Beamers, another great coffee shop…

and where I had made arrangements for Hazel Hutchins to join us!

I think we were all downright giddy at this point, but I agreed to allow Hazel to take a picture of the three, by now, old and familiar friends, as long as we had a mountain backdrop…

We said goodbye to Hazel and drove off to Banff so that Vicky could check-in at the Centre. The last person we were scheduled to meet was Susan Calder who greeted us at reception.

Darcie and I had to hit the road immediately after that in order to get her back to the airport in time for her early evening flight. We drove through a very surreal fog along the way, but managed to keep talking right up until we waved goodbye to each other at the terminal. The only coffee shop we didn’t manage to visit that day was the Wild Flour in Banff where we had hoped to see one of the authors registered in the Coffee Shop Author contest. So, a week later, I drove up to Banff again, this time with Kim, and we went out for lunch with Vicky at the cafe.

And that was that! A whirlwind day in Feb. when I not only met my best friend, but was also able to introduce her to many more best friends!

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  1. So fun! Thanks for posting, Susan.


  2. Love it!!! Such a fabulous day 🙂

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