Why I still love Toronto

I was born in Toronto, and grew up in The Beach, but moved away to attend university. Other than a brief 9-month residence during my mid-life crisis, I have only visited Toronto over the years, always gravitating back to The Beach again. This area is much-changed in many ways, but some of it remains the same, and some friends, and my sister, still live in the old ‘hood, so I have people to visit whenever I’m in town.

Over the weekend, I attended an informal get-together organized by some of the women I graduated with from Malvern in 1972. But more on that in a future post. Here’s my photo essay on the other things I managed to do while there…

Leuty Lifeguard Station

I went for a walk along the boardwalk. There were police on horses, but unfortunately riding away from me so I couldn’t get a close-up. They’re in the second picture. Actually, they were racing along the sand, at one point. Horses must have been feeling frisky with all that sun and mild temps., for a change.

I stopped to sit on a park bench at the foot of Scarborough Beach Blvd., the street where our family house was located. I’ve sat on this same bench many times, to talk with friends, and just to be alone, to think, and write. It was a beautiful day on Sunday to sit there again, and enjoy the Rocket Fuel and chocolate croissant I had bought at Remarkable Bean on Queen St., the birthplace of my incredible brainwave for Coffee Shop Author, a writing contest.

On Sat., I met friends downtown and we went to see Ann Vanderhoof who was signing copies of her new book The Spice Necklace at The Cookbook Store. Great to have the chance to see Ann again! Check here for more on Ann’s new book.

Then I took the Neville Park streetcar back to The Beach and attended Sheena Fraser McGoogan’s show opening at Arts on Queen. Ken McGoogan, Sheena’s husband, was there, and it was good to see him once again. That’s a sample of Sheena’s art in the window. Check here for more.

I was fortunate to be in Toronto on Oscar night, so I took myself out on a typical Beach date – dinner and a movie at The Goof and The Fox! Can’t get much more nostalgic than that… I ate a hot turkey dinner at The Goof (sadly, Deep-fried Sweet and Sour Racoon Balls weren’t on the menu that night, Jim), complete with canned gravy, fries and green peas (frozen),

The Goof

although The Goof isn’t the same since they renovated and took out all the old tabletop jukeboxes. Then I walked across the street to The Fox

The Fox

where people were beginning to line up for the free showing of The Oscars, that included free popcorn and a drink! I sat in the third row, and made it through the entire show, to the end at midnight. Then I walked up Beech Ave., back to my sister’s place.

It was a great weekend to be in Toronto! The weather was incredibly beautiful, and people were happy to be strolling along the streets – even downtown on Yonge – enjoying an early taste of spring.

And that’s why I still love Toronto – after all these years.


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  1. Going out with some of my Malvern friends at “The Goof” tomorrow for lunch.

    1. Sadly, no table-top jukeboxes in there any longer… Have a good time!

  2. Barbie Andrews

    Wish I could have been there with you Suzy!!!I so miss the Beaches , and loved going on your journey with you this weekend–thank you for BLOGGING it!!!

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