I met my best friend for the first time…

Monday was a very good day – an historic day, I should add. In the same way as the meeting between Livingstone and Stanley, Lennon and McCartney, Lewis and Clark – okay, maybe I’m stretching this a bit here, but bear with me… For me, this was definitely a significant turning point in my life, to finally meet, in person, the person I’ve long considered my best email writing friend, but had never had the opportunity to actually meet.

Darcie Hossack and I “met” online for the first time on the Humber student discussion board. Those early exchanges involved discussions about food, specifically white chocolate and berry scones and an exchange of recipes, if I remember correctly. We quickly realized that while we come from different backgrounds, are separated in age by a couple of decades and (at that time) several thousand miles physically – not to mention that Darcie’s writing is leaps-and-bounds more accomplished than mine, we definitely clicked, and became fast friends all those years ago. During the past four years, we’ve offered each other advice, editing, encouragement, connections, and confidence that what we’re writing, and the way we’re writing it, is not only good, but will eventually be published. I’m so proud that Darcie is first with a collection of short stories this fall to be published by Thistledown. But we’ve also been collaborating all this time on another idea. I don’t think it’s stretching things too much to say that we complement each other. And that’s what best friends should do, right?

So meeting Darcie, finally, yesterday, was just a matter of putting a physical presence to someone I felt I have really known all along. And now I have the added bonus of being able to hear her voice when I read emails she writes to me. She’s no longer my imaginary friend. But she is still my best writing friend!

Thanks, Darcie!

(And here’s the addition of a photo essay I posted not long after that day.)

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  1. Some people look at me with a bit of caution when I tell them that most of my best friends live in my computer. True local friends understand. The world has changed.

    I’ve been snowed in and not left the house the past three days other than to slide 100 feet down the drive to check for newspaper and mail. Today will be no different, and probably the next couple. No later than Monday I will venture forth again for a mandatory meeting. Hubby has been out to do a little grocery fetching.

    Most people I know are going stir crazy. I have not noticed. I’ve been too busy with the friends in my computer to notice I have not left the house. I’m all over the country, even the world, all the time anyway.

    Here’s to friendship, true friendship, actual and virtual, and may the two always be the same.

  2. Some of my dearest and closest friends are faces I’ve not yet met. It seems as if the keyboard provides a variety of levels of conversation, and allows for a slow getting to know you process that deepens with time. God Bless you both!

  3. Susan, there just are no words. Thank you and thank you for being you. I’m a better me, and a better writer, because of our friendship. I will remember yesterday’s meeting, at long last, forever!

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