I’m back!

After a more-than-a-year hiatus, I’m back in the blogging seat, and hope to add to this site a little more often than I have been doing. I’m on Bequia now for a month, having escaped some rather nasty winter weather that hit Calgary just before I left. I have much work to do here – getting to know the cats again, sorting and cleaning up my books, trying a few new recipes, visiting with friends who are returning for the holiday season, writing, reading, swimming, eating… enjoying, and rediscovering joyfulness.

I also plan to create a brand new blog to go along with my brand new company. Watch for it!

So, the weather here is sunny and calm, the blustery winds of this past week having died down overnight. People are beginning to arrive on Bequia for tourist season, but it’s still deliciously quiet and private up here at The View. The cats are all sprawled and sleeping in their various chosen cozy locatons. Dennis is off somewhere, working, and I have the task before me to clean the house, bake some sticky buns for an ailing Tommy Cantina, and prepare notes for a board meeting via Skype. (See, it is possible to work long distance if you have a computer and wireless connection…)

Oh, and I should begin sorting through my writing files, and at least think about editing and revising, if not writing something new altogether. Must remember – I AM A WRITER! And a reader. I’m rereading Stegner, and loving every word the man wrote.


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  1. darcie friesen hossack

    Glad to have you back on this page, busy as ever 🙂

  2. Read it many years ago, and have reread it many times since. Also, Crossing to Safety and, of course, Wolf Willow. Stegner is my favourite author. Richard Ford is my favourite “living” author.

    Glad to be back!

  3. Nice to have the blog back. Hope you’ve read Angle of Repose.

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