Publishing in 2010


I’m reblogging this post from Dec. 2009 for #MondayBlogs, and also because I think I sound kind of prophetic here about the direction the publishing business was heading more than four years ago. … Scary!

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There was a good article in the Globe & Mail today about the future of publishing in Canada, and the effect, during their very brief life, so far, that e-readers and e-books have had, are having, are expected to have, on publishing of traditional print books. Not surprisingly, it’s actually the older readers who have embraced this new technology, and for the very reasons why trade format paperbacks became a popular alternative to mass market format a couple of decades or so ago, and not only for publishing “serious” literary fiction – but because they offered bigger print for failing eyesight. Mine is also the group (Boomers) who read the most “books” (in any form), and buy the most books, because we have a disposable income; we belong to book clubs in larger numbers than any other generation; and, while I haven’t checked my facts on this next statement, I’m…

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K.L. Silver – MASTERED, The Novel – REDUXED


Here’s an update from K.L. Silver that’s been posted to Reading Recommendations today!

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K.L. Silver was previously featured on Reading Recommendations on March 6th and now she’s back to tell us about some exciting new developments regarding her novel Mastered!



MASTERED, The Novel was released on Feb. 18 on Amazon/Kindle Canada, US, UK, Barnes & Noble and Createspace (paperback). (standing O’s and confetti accepted…lol)

‘BUZZ’ was created by first publishing it as a series of four short stories: Deep Within Her, Metamorphosis, Take Me, and Bound to Thee

Since its release, the feedback has been nothing less than stellar – ORGASMIC even!

Not only that, it sits atop the shelves of THREE retail outlets – including McNally Robinson Booksellers – the biggest independent bookseller in Canada! Also available at The Boutique Erotica and Artistry and Adam and Eve.


MASTERED is much more than just SEX

While it MASTERFULLY depicts the…

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Wanted: Members of Team Ike 2014


Ike is back! There’s a brand new T-shirt in the works to help support the cost of editing and printing the next novel by Tim Baker! Get them while they’re hot and collect the whole set, folks!

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  Remember last year when I sold tee shirts to help with the editing and printing costs of Unfinished Business ?

Many of you – appropriately dubbed Team Ike – were wonderful enough to help me out by buying a shirt – and then you got a free book when you posted a picture of yourself sporting the shirt on facebook.

shirt collage

Well – guess what?

My latest novel, tentatively titled Protect This, will be released in August – and after the success of last year’s Team Ike shirt campaign I have kicked it up a notch…

This year’s model is bound to be very popular!

Feast your eyes on this bad boy…

2014 shirt front   2014 shirt back

It’s available in 3 styles and 2 colors and it has a beautiful tropical themed logo.

It’s a fund raising campaign so here’s how it works (for those of you who didn’t participate last year):

  • The…

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Rebecca Heishman – update on a couple of events


Rebecca Heishman is back to tell us about a couple of upcoming events!

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Rebecca Heishman was featured on Reading Recommendations Feb. 25 this year and is back now to tell readers about a couple of important events that are coming up soon and to give us some more background information as to why she has become an advocate for animal welfare and rescue organizations. (And if you cannot join Rebecca in person on these dates, you may want to consider donating by purchasing her book online. All links to purchase are included in the earlier blog post.)

Author and animal welfare advocate Rebecca Heishman will join the National Library Week Author Fair at Jeffersonville Township Public Library in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on Thursday, April 17, from 3 PM to 7 PM. Over 25 authors will be participating. All of the money obtained from Rebecca Heishman’s book The Misadventures of Millie will go directly to Animal Adoption Network, Inc., a southern Indiana animal rescue…

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Short Story Contest : Follow Up


And just take a wild guess as to who one of the entrants was in this contest … Yippee!! Thanks, Tim Baker and Blindogg Books!

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Back in February I announced the “ Second Quasi-Annual Blindogg Books Short Story Contest”click here to refresh your memory .

Let me start by saying I would like to thank all those who submitted entries…as usual I received some excellent stories.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive enough entries to make a real contest out of it – so I made an executive decision…Everybody Wins.

bears trophy

That’s right…just like modern-day Little League where every kid gets a trophy just for playing – everybody who submitted a short story to the contest will have their story published.

The only difference is that instead of having them in my next novel (tentatively titled Protect This and scheduled for an August 2014 release) they will be included in the collection of short stories I am currently writing to be released before Christmas 2014.

I started writing short stories about my main character…

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If you can’t say anything nice…


Here’s another reblog of an earlier post from Feb. 1, 2010, that still is relevant today.

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Mother’s advice has always been, If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. After reading Martin Levin’s article in The Globe & Mail ‘s book section on Saturday, You suck, and so does your writing , I considered that, really, a bad or vindictive review of an author or their work speaks so much more about the reviewer than the reviewed – volumes, in fact. Why would someone jump to review a book, or its author, that they knowingly do not like? For the chance to destroy someone’s career, get even, envy of success? It’s certainly not for the free review copy, because if their review shows they hate the book that much, they wouldn’t want to keep it on their shelf for long. And, actually, since there is no such thing as bad publicity, what they’re ultimately doing, even with a scathing review, is drawing attention…

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Writers are my favourite people!


Another blog post from the vaults that still stands the test of time – Writers are STILL my favourite people! And now, 4 years later, I know even more of them!

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I have been the most fortunate person, having worked all these years in a business that allowed me to meet, associate and even become friends with, some very wonderful authors. Over the past thirty-plus years, I’ve had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of my idols, and a few of them have even managed to remain on that pedestal where I’d perched them while reading their books. I have a lot of great stories. But, since I began writing myself, and became a member of this family of emerging writers I have come to know, through courses taken, associations joined, conferences attended, I must say that there isn’t a better group of people than those who are pushing a pen and tapping on keys. They are a very supportive and encouraging bunch, these authors, and are quick to cheer each other on, commisserate, offer suggestions, or just be there…

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You say you want to save print books?


I thought I would reblog this post I wrote in Dec. 2009, because there are still people out there clinging to their print books, denying that reading could actually allow for both formats of publishing …

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Reading this post from Booksquare got me thinking – everyone out there who has ever said, “I could never read an e-book on a computer or a reading device,” or “I will never give up print books, because I love the feel of the pages and holding the book while I read,” should put their money where their mouths are and buy new books – lots of them, and insist that all their friends buy new books, too. And buy those books at full price, while they’re at it, and from an independent bookstore. Don’t buy used, because the author doesn’t gain from sales of used books. The only way to keep publishers publishing print books, and paying royalties to the authors who write them, is if those print books actually sell.

But the real point is that e-books, and all the other new technilogical formats, some of which you…

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Interviewing Armand Rosamilia about Authors Supporting Our Troops


Armand Rosamilia, organizer behind the Authors Supporting our Troops event, is interviewed by Loren Rhoads.

Originally posted on Morbid Is as Morbid Does:

Armand Rosamilia, modeling a limited-edition t-shirt

Armand Rosamilia, modeling a limited-edition t-shirt

Last month, I discovered a charity collecting books for America’s soldiers overseas.  I sent a handful of Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues — and have watched the project getting bigger all the time.  I was curious about it, so I decided to interview the brains behind it, Armand Rosamilia.

What’s the history of Authors Support Our Troops?

The idea for the actual event came from author Joe McKinney, who did a similar idea last year. He knew a soldier overseas and collected books from authors to ship. I gave him a few books. When I read an old interview with him talking about it, I asked if he was going to do it again. Luckily the soldier was no longer overseas, but I asked if I could pick up the ball and run with it. He thought it was a good idea. I thought it was…

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Painting Adam: Gimme some male protagonists written by women


Interesting blog post … My novel, Island in the Clouds, is written in first person from the perspective of a male character. Would love to hear what my readers think of how successful I was with this. Please comment below as well as on Kevin Brennan’s original blog.

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One of the most popular posts on this blog is one called “Drawing Eve: Can male authors write female characters?” In it I explain my approach to the book I’ve been working on, whose protagonist is a woman approaching the reader in first-person. Pretty risky, especially when the author is a middle-aged man. For a long time, there’s been a consensus in the cloud that guys just don’t get girls. The nuances of female psychology are beyond us, because even if we are Sensitive Author Men we don’t have the special goggles needed to see inside the mysterious Lady Head.

My position is that everything revolves around character and that the character’s gender is simply part of a constellation of factors that go into the creation of a three-dimensional figure. Still, there are plenty of readers out there who believe that a man attempts to create a convincing female character…

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